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Courtney Correll Chaves
Events Manager, Heavybit

Justin Johnson
VP Advocacy, Keen IO

Neil Mansilla
VP Developer Relations, 

Russell Smith
Cofounder, Rainforest QA

Stephen Nguyen
Developer Advocate,

Dana Oshiro
Director of Programs, Heavybit

Josh Dzielak
Open Sorcerer at Keen IO



This is an un-conference -- we'll select topics together for collaborative sessions and workshops. Some of the topics the organizers are interested in include: 

  • Contributor Motivation: What Moves You?
  • Types of Communities: Commercial Users and Tribes
  • Github, StackOverflow and the Hubs of Choice
  • Noobs and Experts: Encouraging Participation
  • Culture-building, Safe-Spaces and Diversity
  • Identifying, Empowering and Rewarding Leaders
  • Hiring and Scaling Your Community Team
  • Creating a Value-based Content and Event Strategy
  • Contests, Hackathons and Partnerships
  • ROI: How do you Measure Engagement? 

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Heavybit and DevGuild value inclusion and participation.
This event is a Safe-Space