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1:35PM - Civilized Discourse for Marketers


Jeff Atwood, Founder
Discourse, StackOverflow, StackExchange
Jeff Atwood is the founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange and Discourse. To say that he’s passionate about communities would be an understatement. But developer communities have changed.  Not only have they become atomized into powerful interest silos, but they’re also incredibly interesting to marketers. Join Atwood as he discusses how brands and marketers can effectively engage with developers.  

2:00pm - Conversion & Metrics From MongoDB, Box & Twilio

Meagen Eisenberg CMO MongoDB @ | LinkedIn

Meagen Eisenberg
@ LinkedIn

Lauren Vaccarello VP Marketing Box @ | LinkedIn

Lauren Vaccarello
VP Marketing Box

Devang Sachdev Head of Content Twilio @ | LinkedIn

Devang Sachdev
Head of Content Twilio
@ | LinkedIn

Michael Bernstein Co-Founder of Reify @ | LinkedIn

Michael Bernstein
Co-Founder of Reify
@ | LinkedIn

There’s no point in creating stellar content if it doesn’t map to ROI. But how do you determine ROI, map it to your funnel and ensure you’re evolving your marketing efforts to optimize for revenue, acquisition and org-wide outcomes.  Join MongoDB CMO Meagen Eisenberg, Twilio’s Head of Content Devang Sachdev and VP of Marketing at Box Lauren Vaccarello in conversation with Reify founder Michael Bernstein as they discuss the metrics, tooling and decisions required to convert content audiences into paying customers.

2:35pm - Creating a Culture of Story Tellers with algolia

Liam Boogar
Brand Director Algolia
@liamboogar | LinkedIn
With just under 100 employees, Search API company Algolia serves over 2500 customers, handling 28 billion queries per month for customers like Twitch, Periscope, Medium & TeeSpring. With support for more than 30 API clients and integrations, developer community remains at the heart of the company’s sales growth.  But rather than pinning developer outreach on a few ordained influencers, Algolia’s Brand Director Liam Boogar will discuss how the company’s internal training programs aim to get 50% of the company publishing and speaking within the year.

2:55pm break

3:15pm - The Power of Trends with auth0

Martin Gontovnikas
VP of Marketing & Analytics at Auth0
@mgonto | LinkedIn 
In 2014, Auth0’s first marketer Martin Gontovnikas was tasked with growing the company’s reach and engagement. After a period of trial and error with story ideas, SEO optimization, landing page redesigns, newsletters and push notifications, he identified key influencers and built a strategy designed to scale. Today, with more than 96% of Auth0’s inbound leads driven by content, the team has captured a strong audience of loyal React, Angular and NodeJS customers using influencer strategy as the catalyst.

3:40pm - Data-Driven Distribution & Reach with Priceonomics

Rohin Dhar Headshot.jpg

Rohin Dhar
Co-founder & CEO at Priceonomics
@rohindhar | LinkedIn 
Every early company is looking for a way to increase reach and top-of-funnel traffic. But how do you ensure your content strategy is both adding value and reaching enough potential users? Join Priceonomics CEO Rohin Dhar as he discusses how companies can leverage their unique data to increase distribution and reach via social media sharing, new channels and syndication to more traditional PR outlets.

4:00pm - Engagement with Slack, Reddit & Intercom

Kelly Watkins Head of Marketing Slack @ | LinkedIn

Kelly Watkins
Head of Marketing Slack
@ | LinkedIn

Joe Federer Head of Brand Strategy Reddit @ | LinkedIn

Joe Federer
Head of Brand Strategy Reddit
@ | LinkedIn

John Collins Editor in Chief Intercom @ | LinkedIn

John Collins
Editor in Chief Intercom
@ | LinkedIn

Bobbie Johnson Founder Matter @ | LinkedIn

Bobbie Johnson
Founder Matter
@ LinkedIn

Your content efforts shouldn’t fall on deaf ears. Whether you’re building an evergreen SEO strategy, capitalizing on major trends, or building out a new content series, join Matter founder Bobbie Johnson, Slack's Head of Marketing Kelly Watkins, Reddit's Head of Brand Strategy Joe Federer and Intercom's Editor in Chief John Collins as they discuss the the tools and techniques they use to anticipate high-engagement content. Using examples from past campaigns, they’ll show you how they identify patterns of virality and distribution in order to increase top-of-funnel reach and engagement.

4:35pm break

5:00pm - ReVIVING THE MOVEMENT: A Case Study with the ACLU

Jenn Sturm Director of Online Engagement ACLU @ | LinkedIn 

Jenn Sturm
Director of Online Engagement ACLU
@ | LinkedIn 

Rachel Chalmers CMO Unitive @ | LinkedIn

Rachel Chalmers
CMO Unitive
@ | LinkedIn


In the last week of January 2017, President Trump signed an executive order banning US entry from seven Muslim-majority countries. Twitter and Facebook were abuzz, airports were flooded with protestors, and a 97-year-old legal organization took the White House to court and won, overturning the ban. That weekend, the ACLU received more than 350,000 online donations totaling $24 million dollars — 6x the org’s average annual funds raised.  Learn about the content strategy secrets of the ACLU with the organization’s Director of Online Engagement Jenn Sturm in a special fireside chat with Unitive CMO Rachel Chalmers.

5:30pm emcee close & Happy hour